Our mission


We create high quality audio-visual products in the international creative industry as Intellectual Properties and also as a communication tool to spread the charm of Japan throughout the world. Having had the goal of spreading into the international market since our inception, we are conscious of the fact that our works act as tools for global communication in addition to cultural and economic exchanges.




 私たちは、コンテンツは文化資源であり、経済資源であり、観光資源であるばかりでなく、外交資源でもあるという認識の下、 当初から世界市場を見据え、文化産業をフィールドに映画を中心とするハイクオリティーなコンテンツを製作して参ります。

Our vision


In diversity lies possibility


We believe that diversity is a key concept in every facet of life amidst the institutional fatigue in the world of the twenty-first century. Politics, economics, religion, culture, society, and the environment all rely upon diversity.


The most important thing when you have no leader and no knowledge of the future is to respect and embrace the diverse concepts of each other's individual situations, attachments, and cultures/religions.


We believe that in diversity lies possibility, and we abide by this idea in all of our business operations.



Diversity is the Possibility ~多様性の尊重~




先の見えない、先導者もいない状況下において必要な事は、個々の置かれた状況、個々が有する執着、個々が属する文化・宗教といった多種多様な概念を抱合し、尊重することではないでしょうか。私たちは「多様性こそが可能性である」=「Diversity is the Possibility」と考え、全ての企業活動は、この理念に則って遂行していきます。

Origin of our name


In mythology, a trickster is a character in a story which exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge, and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behavior. -Wikipedia


Our name, "trixta" is a modified spelling of the word "trickster."


The word that our eccentric name is derived from carries a connotation of a clown or a role player, which is truly an apt way to describe the production of media/contents and creative works.


There is also another deeper reason behind our name. The etymology of the word trickster implies "someone who breaks down creative boundaries." This is because jests were used by retainers serving a king or emperor with absolute power as the only way to make statements of opinions that sugar coat criticism using humor; theater has been used in this way as a catalyst for tearing down the system and rebuilding it anew.


Our interpretation of this is that in the modern world, where many pre-existing methodologies and systems have fallen out of favor, "diversity" is the key to our goal of acquiring new viewpoints. It is a light to shine on our trackless path, so that is why we decided on "trixta" as a name for our company.




「トリックスター (Trickster) とは、神話や物語の中で、神や自然界の秩序を破り、物語を引っかき回すいたずら好きのヒーローとして描かれる人物のこと」:wikipedia